Publix Policies

  • Sales Week

Publix sales begin on Thursday and run until the following Wednesday. Check your area though, some regions run Wednesday to Tuesday.


  • Penny Item

On the day the ad begins each week (either Thursday or Wednesday) Publix offers a featured item for just 1 cent when you purchase $10 in groceries. Usually it will be a Publix brand item – some recent ones have been sliced cheese, hot dogs, peanut butter. Sometimes it’s even something like toilet paper or paper towels. You are supposed to have the Penny Coupon from your paper that day, but some stores will allow you to purchase the penny item without.


  • BOGO

Publix is known for it’s BOGO (buy one get one) sales. Their BOGO policy varies by region, but here’s the basic run down:

For Florida shoppers:

Florida Publix is a true BOGO, meaning the first item is full price and the second item is free. You may find that some store limit using a second coupon since that item is technically free, but this will vary by location.

Other shoppers:

Rather than paying full price for one and getting one free, you will be charged 1/2 price for each item. This means you do not have to buy two items to get the discount. You can also use two coupons since you are paying for both items.


  • Publix flyers

Publix puts out two main flyers of coupons each month – the Yellow Advantage Buy and the Green Advantage Buy. You’ll know which one’s which because they have colored covers (yellow and green). They can generally be found in a display by the front door or at the customer service desk and you may also receive these flyers in your newpaper. These are Publix store coupons and can be combined with manufacturer coupons.

They also have booklets of manufacturer coupons placed throughout the store that correspond to the seasons or special events. Grab these when you see them ; often the coupons don’t expire for months.

*Please, don’t take handfuls of flyers and booklets and do not take out one coupon and put the flyer back – be considerate of other shoppers.


  • Coupon Policy
  1. Coupons double up to .50 (for a total discount of $1). Coupons above .50 cents are accepted at face value.
  2. Publix accepts competitor coupons – generally this means major grocery stores within a 20 mile radius. Your Publix may also accept coupons from major drugstores. Ask your manager or cashier which stores they consider competitors.
  3. You may use one manufacturer coupon and one store (or competitor) coupon per item.

Publix has recently made some changes to their coupon policies. Most stores now have signage in the front of the store listing the competitors they'll accept coupons from and limits on internet coupons. Check you local store for info.




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