Printable Coupons

There are great deals to be had by printing coupons. You can coupon completely in printables, or use them to supplement your paper coupons. Forgot to go pick up a paper? You’ll still be able to take advantage of deals by using printables.

When printing coupons feel free to print in black and white to save money. I also print multiple coupons on one sheet to save paper, but don’t be surprised if you come across a great high value coupon and it prints both a coupon and a whole page recipe. Frustrating, but for a $3 or even $5 coupon, it’s certainly worth the full piece of paper.

Most coupon sites refresh their coupons once per month, and some couponers print anything they think they’ll use. That’s fine if you’re very organized, but I’d suggest waiting until you get the hang of couponing. I personally only print coupons when needed unless I know I’ll use them. You’ll start to see a pattern to sales, and that will help you determine which ones are worth printing right away. Coupons do have total print limits, so if it’s a high value coupon or you know it’s one that’s makes an item free go ahead and print it ASAP, otherwise you may find that the coupon disappears before you get back around to it. Also, many sites allow two prints per computer (yay!).

I know you’re probably thinking – how will I know what’s out there? Well, that’s where using your online resources come into play.  Don’t spend hours researching deals, others have already done it for you! Check Nest for Less weekly for only the greatest deals, or use the other online resources listed for a full list of advertised deals.

Here’s some of the most common sites for printable coupons. I’ll be adding more sites soon, so check back!



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