Kroger Policies and Programs

  • Sales Week

Varies by regions, but generally Sunday to Saturday. I believe there are some locations that begin on Mondays.


  • Loyalty Cards

Your loyalty card is required to receive sales prices. You can pick up a card from the cashier or the Customer Service desk.


  • BOGO

Varies by region. Here in the metro-Atlanta area, BOGO rings up at 1/2 price. This means you can use two coupons since you are paying for both items.


  • Coupon Policy
  1. Coupons are doubled up to .50 (up to $1 off). Some areas double higher value coupons, so check with your manager.
  2. Competitor coupons are not accepted.
  3. Internet printables (IP’s) area accepted. Must have clear expiration, bar-code, and redemption information.


  • eCoupons

eCoupons are accepted with your Kroger card. You must register your Kroger loyalty card with the eCoupon sites to receive your discounts. See the eCoupons list for links to the sites.


  • Fuel Program

If you have a Kroger fuel station in you area, you can earn up to 10¢ off per gallon by using your loyalty card when you check out. Some areas also discount at local Shell stations.

For every 100 points earn you receive 10¢ off per gallon on a single fill-up. Points are earned by the month and redeemable the following month.

How do I get points?

Purchase groceries – each dollar equals 1 point

Purchase (non-federally funded) prescriptions – each prescription equals 50 points

Purchase gift cards – for each $50 in gift cards you’ll receive double points (so $50 in gift cards = 100 points)

For more info on the fuel program visit Kroger’s site

Now, if you’re really wanting to save money I wouldn’t go out of my way to try to earn points, but it’s a nice bonus to get to the gas station and find out you’ve got a discount!



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