eCoupons - Coupons for the 21st Century

Now you don’t have to clip to save money. Manufacturers are  offering tons of coupons electronically, so all you have to do is select the one’s you might want to redeem and head out the door. Some sites require that you have a store loyalty card for your coupons to be “loaded” to, while others are saved to your smartphone and can simply be shown to the cashier to redeem your savings. The best part of electronic coupons? They are often over and beyond any paper coupons you have, meaning that you can redeem one paper coupon and one electronic coupon for the same item!

Sounds great right? So here’s how you’ll utilize this new technology -

  1. Get yourself some loyalty cards – Kroger, Voss, Tom Thumb, Fry’s, Dominick’s, Safeway, plus many more participate in electronic coupons. Don’t want them on your keys? Get a separate ring just for your loyalty cards and stow it in your purse or car. As an added bonus, many stores will mail or email you great deals when you get your loyalty card. Which reminds me, if you haven’t already, set up a separate email account for your coupon related emails. Trust me, you don’t want all those emails going to your normal inbox. Yahoo or Gmail are great free platforms.
  2. Sign up to get electronic coupons to your loyalty cards. Just visit the sites below and enter your card information to sign up.
  3. Select your deals – coupons are generally reset once per month. You can only select/use a coupon once, but you’ll find some sites have an overlap period where you’ll get the same coupon twice. Most sites allow you to load as many as you like, and since you don’t have to keep up with anything, go ahead and load them all. Pick a day each month to take a few minutes and “reload” your cards. Ta-da!

Here are some great electronic coupon sites to get you started!


P&G Esaver





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