For not posting any deals recently. I've been really, really, really sick. I'm finally starting to feel human again, thank goodness!

Hope everyone had a wonderful shopping week and got tons of great deals with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This was one of the first years that I just couldn't seem to find anything among the ads that really called to me. I did get a bunch of Christmas decor, which I'm excited about. We used to move constantly, and I never wanted to lug around tons of Christmas stuff (nor did we have the money to really go wild with it), so we just had a basic tree and some stockings. When we bought our house last year we were too busy with the moving stuff to even think about Christmas decor. Now that we're settled I was so excited to get some outdoor decor and a beautiful new tree. Good news is I got great sale prices and shopped locations I had coupons for (I love Kohls sales + coupons!)

I guess this is my Christmas gift to myself this year!